What is Event Planning?
Event planning is a detailed immersion into planning and executing a memorable and exciting event for business promotions, recognition of achievements, or the introduction of new products and technologies. It paves the way to a streamlined unfolding of an event by practical application of resources and methods to fulfil more than every conceivable need that might arise at such an occasion.

Event Planning and Your Brand!
Brand and the image portrayed, can be the ultimate deciding factor when selecting an events coordinator.
The ability to understand and interpret the core theme and message is an essential part of creating the successful event.

The event story commences with the visual delight that is evident in every touch point of the occasion.
The story line should encapsulate the audience from the moment they enter the event. We ensure that for a period of time one is transferred to a “magical” extravaganza of elegance, luxury and exceptional themed design.

Why our unique Magic?
We set the stage for the visual, culinary and experiential impact of the event, making a difference between money well invested and rands poorly spent. Event planning is an art. Our team is detail-oriented multi-tasked with an eye toward accuracy, a nose for expediency, and an ear for suggestion.

Karen Haynes Design Consultants Event Planning   

For KHDC, planning is more than a project; it is an immersion into bringing together all the various components of promotion to produce excitement, expectation, and experience that will leave event attendees feeling rewarded, educated, enthralled, entertained, and above all, exhilarated.

As competent and professional event planners, we help prospective event sponsors visualise every last detail of their vision for an event, and in the process, provide the direction to conceptualise the ultimate goal for the occasion.

How we exceed your expectations?
Event planning finds its roots in accessibility. As professional event planners, we are devoted to obtaining a veritable catalogue of accomplished professional individuals and companies, who provide services for accommodating the needs of people, purposes and promotions. We are aware of the details that contribute for a successful event. We ask a thousand questions, spur thoughts and creativity, and help to define event budgets.

Our aim is to reduce the stress associated with an important event, by providing knowledgeable expertise and utilising proven systems for managing the many details that contribute to event success. All the finer details hinge upon having a solid grasp on these important decisions, to the attaining of an event that will be remembered for years to come.

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